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A Notify Facebook Messenger Bot Success Story

What we did

In the late 1800s, two editors for The Wall Street Journal, a newspaper founded by the same men, decided to create the Dow Jones Industrial Average, an innovative method of relaying industrial indexes for the newly emerging stock market. Since then, The Wall Street Journal and the Dow Jones has led the way for innovation in the financial industry.
Today, this type of innovation takes many forms, and what Charles Dow and Edward Jones envisioned their stock index being, has now evolved into a multimedia conglomerate, which focuses primarily on improving methods of delivering quality content to its readership.

Recently, the Director of Innovation at the Dow Jones, Himesh Patel, explored a new method of communicating with its readers. His goal was not initially to make money, but to experiment a new type of product and see where it would take them. The goal of this experiment was to gain insight on what products had audience building capabilities.

Eventually, Himesh and his team found themselves venturing into the relatively unknown engagement bot space. He decided that if 500 million people worldwide were using messaging apps and smart home technology, then the Wall Street Journal should find a way to capitalize on it.

After speaking with the innovation team at Facebook about his interest in bot technology, Himesh was introduced to Notify.IO and it’s AI engagement bots. Before Notify.IO, directly messaging readers was not possible, and other organizations like NewsCorp had begun experimenting with this technology. Based on Himesh’s experience implementing other innovative technologies and actively searching for new products to increase readership, he decided to pursue the company solely focused on one product.

According to Himesh, “We went with Notify.IO because engagement bots are its bread and butter.” He finds that companies exclusively dedicated to prototyping new solutions are more open to suggestions, customizations and tend to evolve faster.

After a four week installation period, the WSJ and Notify.IO integrated forces, boosting the WSJ’s subscription base, while improving the quality of stories being delivered to the individual reader. Along with this partnership came improvements on the Notify.IO’s UI, such as call-to-action(CTA) buttons, news digest subscription buttons and the ability to follow trending topics. It’s been a beneficial relationship for both parties.

Himesh and his team are looking into delivering videos and podcasts through similar methods for future innovation experiments. When it comes to engaging readers, the WSJ looks to Notify.IO for guidance and technical capacity.

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